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Precious Metal Chain Trimming In Advanced Table Making-Ⅲ
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Precious Metal Chain Trimming In Advanced Table Making-Ⅲ

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In January 2017, Abby (Audemars Piguet) launched the Royal Oak Cream Gold Watch, which was developed by a chain band that was developed after several months of experiments between the .Carolina Bucci craftsman and the Epic watch maker, based on the Fiorentina craftsmanship. Use a tool with diamond top to strike the gold surface, making it extremely fine notch, showing an unparalleled bright effect, like a diamond inlaid.

"it took seven rounds of varying degrees of retouching to achieve the final effect," explains Maria Santillana, a former marketing manager. "if the dent is too deep, it catches the clothes; if it's too shallow, Mr. Francois-Henry Bennahmias was trying to give up, but Carolina Bucci insisted that just give her a little more time. "

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The appearance of Chanel Boy Friend Tweed wristwatch is equally fraudulent. Chanel knitted steel wire in the style of the classic coat, and then printed the rough flower pattern to create the effect of imitating the most famous brand of the brand. "Turn the metal" to the fabric. This is a skillful set of meters equipped with the.Dior Dior La D de Dior Satine wrist watch. The Lanese chain uses gold and silver ribbon knit techniques to weave the articulated gold or fine steel wire by interweaving, and then hand polishing to perfect the details, presenting the beauty and charm of the Christian Dior high fashion tussle.

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In 2018, count Piaget released a series of Extremely Lady watches at (SIHH), an international watch salon in Geneva. The unconventional oval case and the exquisite gold strap continue the long-lasting feature design of the entire series since the 1960 s. The brand makes the most precious metal into a delicate fabric watch band, cleverly depicting fur, frost and woody textures on the rose gold and platinum surfaces. All kinds of beautiful and charming chain belt prove that there are still some watchmaking brands based on tradition, dare to innovate and inherit precious retouching technology. (photo / wristwatch home compiled by XBIAO,Xu Chaoyang)

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