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Precious Metal Chain Trimming In Advanced Table Making-Ⅱ
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Precious Metal Chain Trimming In Advanced Table Making-Ⅱ

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In 1968, Patek Philippe introduced the Ellipse watch (its unusual oval case is said to follow a golden split ratio of 1 / 1.6181), initially with leather straps, but soon the brand used the Milanis process. Add a more fashionable gold mesh chain to the watch. Originated in 19 th-century Italy, the craft relied on manual work, but now it's like Apple can use machines to make it.

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In the age of Milanis craftsmanship, many brands still cling to simple and classic chains, while others, such as Piaget Earl Bueche-Girod and Poseidon, decided to draw inspiration from fashionable jewellery products and try to hand-polish metal. Create rich and colorful appearance effects. Before the Omega (OMEGA) Beer Museum, which began working with Andrew Grima ('s famous jewelry designer, the brand invented a "compression" technique that "melts soft gold (blue, pink, yellow and white) interlayers, showing mosaic design effects." The retouching effect is popular, and Rolex also has a Day-Date watch with a "woody texture" central chain.

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"from the 1960s to the 1970s, ore jewellery (made from unpolished natural gold) became popular," explains Paul Alteri, founder and chief executive of Bob's Watches, an online trading platform for second-hand Rolex in the US. "jewelers began to produce ore pieces of jewelry and used wood textures to embellish watches, jewelry, and even guns. Rolex was acutely aware of the trend and began providing woody textures for men and women's watches around 1965. The same was true of later DateJust watches, which continued until the mid-1990s. "

Not only did Rolex stop retouching, but many other decorative arts were interrupted by the quartz crisis. It is important to ensure the survival and development of the Swiss watch industry, not to spend time and money building beautiful objects. Things always develop periodically, and fashion trends are the same. From the 1990s to the 2000s, with the increasing size of the watch case, the one-body chain belt with manual retouching returns.

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