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Mechanical Watch
- May 07, 2018 -

A timing instrument for mechanical vibration systems such as pendulum clocks, balance clocks, etc.

Its working principle Is the use of a constant, continuous vibration vibration system. By multiplying the vibration period of vibration by times the number of vibrations, it is equal to the time elapsed, time = the number of times x vibration of the watch vibration cycle. It is generally composed of energy, gear train, escapement mechanism, vibration system, pointer mechanism and additional mechanism. Power--Clockwork or heavy hammer, provide energy for the work of the mechanical clock, and through the speed of the gear system, the above bar can run for several days continuously. The escapement allows clocks to be timed in a "second", with a rudder or balance to control the speed of the clock, while the timekeeping agency tells people that the last ring was a few minutes ago.

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