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Five Women's Favorite Watches
- May 15, 2018 -

Women's favorite watches

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There are times when you want to wear a watch and you want to love it. When you get used to showing her on the wrist, naturally there is a need for a watch. The style of the watch is also varied, but in the choice of the watch, most women may be blind, simple and elegant, full of personality, or low-key luxury? Regardless of style, the functionality of the collocation will be greater than the functionality of the watch itself. If you have doubts about the choice of watch, you may wish to look at the five watch styles that appear in their dress combinations, which may give you a new understanding of this timepiece on your wrist.

0- OEM Watch,Lower MOQ副本.png

Classic disc:

The classic disc watch is also the most representative of traditional watch style. The classic of the disc watch is similar to that of the square watch. Both men and women can wear wrist watch classics. It will also show different styles because of different sizes. The smaller dial will show elegant and charming delicate charm. The larger dial will show the sexy and able to fit in any dress style.

4-Hot Watch Design can Custom.png

Olivia Palermo was wearing a red puff sleeve top and neat cowboy wide leg pants. The wrist disc watch added a detail highlight to the overall red shape, while also satisfying the overall style of fashion and elegance.

6-OEM Watch from Shenzhen Yucheng Watch.png

Like the square dial watch, the disc watch can also have a neutral wind. The larger disc watch has such charm. Supermodel Behati is dressed in sweaters and denim shorts. There is a sense of style in the casual. The golden disc wrist watch is very neutral in style and creates a sense of ambiguity with the outfit.

1-female watch from China factory.png

Elegant or stylish mix and match, disc wrist watch can be any dress style wrist charm.

A uniquely designed plaid shirt with a wristwatch with a color disc watch that conforms to the unity of the overall dress, but also to meet the elegant and stylish style.

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