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Basic Overview Of Watches
- May 07, 2018 -

The production and production of watches are based on a simple and witty invention, this is the "spring", which can tighten and store energy, and can slowly release energy, to promote the operation of the device and the pointer in the watch, to show the function of time, the watch in the spring device is called the main spring (mainspring). Watch construction watches consist of a table head, a strap (clasp).

The parts of the head include: the movement, the case, the bottom cover, the Mirror, the literal (often said dial), the pointer, the hand (the timing, also called), the order (part of the form requirements). Watch working principle, watch is used to indicate the time of a precision instrument, the principle of the apparatus is to use a periodic, constant vibration vibration system as a standard. If it is known that the vibration system completes the time required for the full vibration of a watch (the vibration cycle) and calculates the number of vibrations, then the time it takes to vibrate so many times is equal to the vibration period multiplied by the number of vibrations.

Time = Vibration period x Vibration times The pendulum spring is used as the vibration system, the Balance 1 is fixed on the pendulum shaft 2, the upper and lower axle of the pendulum shaft is trapped in the bearing, and can rotate around the bearing. One end of the gossamer Part 3 is fixed on the pendulum shaft and the other end is fastened to the splint. Because of the elastic deformation of the spring, the movement of the balance is changed from rotation to reciprocating motion. The balance of the spring is affected by the friction of the bearing, the air resistance and the internal friction of the spring, and the amplitude (amplitude) of the swing will gradually decay until it stops. In order for it to continue to vibrate without decay, it is necessary to periodically replenish the balance-spring system with energy, which means that there must be an energy device in the watch. The periodic replenishment of energy to the vibration system is achieved through a special mechanism of one by one escapement. The escapement is also used to calculate the number of vibrations in the balance gossamer system. Therefore, the balance gossamer system and the escapement mechanism are the key devices of the manipulator table.

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