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Wrist Watch Water Treatment
- May 07, 2018 -

Method One, if the watch is soaked with water, can be used several layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb the velvet cloth will be tightly wrapped tightly, placed in 40 watts of light bulb near about 15 centimeters, bake about 30 minutes, the table can water vapor.

Avoid the watch by the surface of the fire directly baked, so as to avoid the heat deformation of the table. Method Two, the table Montchane, the bottom shell faces outward, opposite wears on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can eliminate.

If the water is serious, it is best to send the table immediately to clean the oil, remove the movement of moisture to avoid rusting parts. Method Three, with the granular silica gel and the already stagnant watch together into a sealed container, after a few hours, take out the watch, stagnant water that all disappeared. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the table. has been several times after the absorption of silica gel, can be dry for several hours under 120 ℃, water absorption capacity can be regenerated, but also repeatedly used.

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