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Watch Industry Development
- May 07, 2018 -

China is the world's largest producer of watches and clocks. China's watch manufacturing industry gradually formed a cluster-type development structure with small and medium-sized enterprises as the main body, private enterprises and funded rapid expansion (accounting for more than 70% of the total number of enterprises). Has formed the Guangdong Pearl River Delta region, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin and other six major producing areas. Mainly the rise of quartz watches and electronic watches, China seized the opportunity to pose a threat to the Swiss premium machinery watch market, and the Swiss Government had to form a swatch company to produce electronic watches against emerging Asian countries.

China is also a large producer of highly imitated Swiss watches, and micro-letters are the main suppliers of high profile tables. Although the development of China's watch industry has made great progress, it can not ignore the credibility and influence of Chinese enterprises and their brands in the international market, which occupies 70% of the world's output but only 30% of the world's output. The problems of the watch industry are also obvious. The industrial transformation lags behind the upgrading of consumption structure, and the structural contradictions of watches and clocks are outstanding. On the one hand, middle and low product backlog is serious, its production capacity is large surplus, on the other hand, to adapt to high consumption of effective supply is insufficient, its technical content, good quality high-grade brand-name products still depend on imports. Therefore, the current Chinese watch industry needs to speed up the pace of technological innovation, the development of the core technology of enterprises, and strive to improve product quality, to build domestic watches and clocks, do a good job of product structure adjustment, adapt to market changes, strengthen staff construction, the introduction and training of talent. In order to improve the international competitiveness of China's industry.

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