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How to choose a watch
- May 07, 2018 -

Check appearance

The appearance can be checked from the case, the table glass, the dial, the hands and so on.

Sensitivity The sensitivity of the watch refers to the balance of the watch on its own "start" early. One way to check is to keep a watch without clockwork, gently shake, with the force of shaking, to observe the situation of the second hand walking, if the second hand in a very short period of time to stop walking, indicating that this watch after the wind can be all loose, high sensitivity; if the second hand goes on for a long time,

This watch can not be all loose after winding, the sensitivity is not high, or the internal mechanical failure.


Normal watch, turning on the shaft of the upper handle spring, first feel more loose, gradually more and more tight, when can not continue to turn forward, indicating that the spring is fully tightened.


Between the hands and the table glass, three hands between each other, hands and the dial, should maintain a certain gap, if rub each other, it will affect walking.


This is to check the needle part of the mechanical installation is not normal.

Walking around Sound Listen to the watch walking when there is no abnormal sound, can only judge the watch has no special problems, can not determine the quality of the watch.

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