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Check the sensitivity of the watch
- May 07, 2018 -

The sensitivity of a watch is the flexibility of its balance wheel to be automatically swung.

The inspection method is: 1) A watch that has ceased to move without clockwork is gently shaken, use the power of shaking to observe the movement of the second hand: if the second hands in a very short period of time to stop walking, it means that the watch on the foot after the wind can all walk (that is, Clockwork torque), high sensitivity; if the second hand keeps moving for a long time,

It is indicated that this watch is not complete after clockwork (that is, the spring also stores torque), the sensitivity is not high or failure of the table machine. 2 will not have the clockwork stop walking the watch, slowly rotate the head, observe the second hand start: the lower the rotation of the first seconds, the beginning of the first step of the first note the sensitivity of the table is higher; But pay attention to the quick waving table by Yu Yings stiffness, more than the traditional frequency (18,000 times/hour) of the table confidential more than a clockwork to play.

A highly sensitive watch that lasts a long time after a spring on the foot. The hands and the table mirror, the dial and between the three needles should maintain a certain spacing, otherwise rub each other to affect the normal operation of the table machine. The inspection can be observed by the dial needle. The position of the hour hand and the minute hand and the normal inspection method are: The minute hand and hand dial to 3 points, 9 points, to observe whether two needles are at right angles, dial to 6, two pins are straight, dial to 12 points, two pins overlap.

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