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Change of the second hand of the watch (two)
- May 21, 2018 -

Change of the second hand of the watch


In the history of watches and clocks, the only changes in the shape and type of the hour and minute hands are the most. There are dozens of names to be counted down, such as the famous Louis XV, Breguet, Mercedes-Benz, and broad swords. The change of the second hand will be much less, indicating that the history of the two hands of the clock is much longer.

The method that is beautiful and can solve this problem is to paste a “flower tail” on the second hand. Of course, what should be considered first? In the size, shape, quality, workmanship must be comprehensive. The choice of quartz clock is relatively large, and the watch is also disassembled. Most people can easily do it. Any fine, shiny, thin and light thing can come in handy. As long as the color and size are suitable, it can be directly affixed to the second hand tail. . If it is cartoon, it is full of childlike fun! Anything that can be rotated once it runs is fun.

DIY is the most personal thing. You can change it and imagine it. In addition to the exquisite icon, the icon has a simple meaning, which represents his own preferences, style and pursuit.

I have a collection of ENICAR watches, also do the second hand balance, the method is to refer to the BALL watch, like to stick a "flower tail" above the second hand, the color and the second hand itself is the same, are gold-plated, or the rare six fingers The crown (available in all sizes, bright and finely exquisite foils), and with accurate calculations, can be perfectly sized to balance the second hand.

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