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Change of the second hand of the watch (one)
- May 21, 2018 -

Change of the second hand of the watch


You observe that the hour and minute hands of a watch (clock) can have no tail, but the second hand has a "tail" and a small second hand. This is not entirely for aesthetic reasons. The main purpose is to try to Keep the seconds hand balanced. That is because the watch movement gear is a speed-increasing drive (mechanical watch), the torque will become very weak on the second wheel, so the second hand imbalance problem will have a certain impact on the watch's travel time, and the quartz watch is also the same.

Compared with the front of the second hand, the tail is still much shorter. In order to eliminate the unbalance of the hands, the second hand or the tail of the thickened needle is usually widened. This is more obvious in high-end watches. The thickness of the second hand tail of a famous brand watch is often About 3 times the front end.

There are also watches that will make tricks at the end of the second hand, usually by adding the trademark LOGO of their watch to the tail of the needle. It looks like the second hand has a "flower tail". For example: 100-year-old BREITLING, Boll BALL, Respect King JUVENIA, and so on, this watch has an extra flaw on the appearance, while bringing the benefits is to also balance the second hand.

Most watches ignore this problem. The second hand's short tail is short and the imbalance is there. When the second hand has an arrow at the front, a dot, and a night, the needle is more imbalanced. This problem also includes quartz clocks. The unbalanced second hand of the quartz wall clock will cause problems with shaking the needle during operation and excessive sound during walking.

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