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Antique Watch Collection
- May 07, 2018 -

Every collection has its own knowledge, and antique watches are no exception. The first issue is to find out the origin, age, quality, function, style and mechanical structure of the situation, and patiently check the dial and the rear plate, as well as the case, and so on, through its inscription to decide whether to buy.

The name of the card should be the same as the original, a little different there is a problem, many false watch dials are used to write and copy the method to create.

Second, should pay attention to its appearance, including whether the movement and the axle is intact, the appearance whether has the flaw, the accessory is complete, the travel is accurate, and chooses the style peculiar, is rare, or is inlaid has the jewelry, the painting as well as the enamel and so on, moreover best is comes from the famous Again, the antique Watch and other collections, like the choice of topics, such as set-Name table, set of foreign tables, set China table, set art table and so on. Antique Watch collectors, should be collected from the 30 's to the 50 's antique table is appropriate, because at this time the antique table not only more styles, and affordable, financial can withstand.

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